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Motorcycles produced

Veli VL150-26
Veli VL200-2
Veli VL200GS-2
Veli VL200GS-3
Veli VL200GS-5
Veli VL250GN
Veli VL250GS-5
Veli VL 50QT-26 Air Blade
Veli VL 50QT-42
Veli VL 150GS
Veli VL 250GS
Veli VL150-4II
Veli VL150-8
Veli VL250-4
Veli 150-8
Veli KING50
Veli VL-125-9 EEC
Veli VL110
Veli VL110-10
Veli VL110-11
Veli VL110-12
Veli VL110-17
Veli VL110-2
Veli VL110-20
Veli VL110-3
Veli VL110-5
Veli VL110-J
Veli VL110GY-2A
Veli VL110GY-S (Super 110GY)
Veli VL110GY-XR
Veli VL125
Veli VL125-2IV
Veli VL125GY-2
Veli VL125GY-S
Veli VL125GY-S2
Veli VL125T
Veli VL125T-2
Veli VL125T-3
Veli VL125T-4
Veli VL125T-5
Veli VL125T-5 EEC
Veli VL125T-6
Veli VL125T-7
Veli VL125T-8
Veli VL150-11
Veli VL150-15
Veli VL150-16
Veli VL150-19
Veli VL150-3 EEC
Veli VL150-4
Veli VL150-4II
Veli VL150-5
Veli VL150-6
Veli VL150-6II
Veli VL150GY
Veli VL150GY-2
Veli VL150PY
Veli VL150T
Veli VL150T-2
Veli VL150T-2 EEC
Veli VL200-15
Veli VL200GY
Veli VL200GY-2
Veli VL200GY-3
Veli VL200GY-5
Veli VL200GY-7
Veli VL250-4
Veli Vl250GY
Veli VL250GY-3
Veli VL250PY
Veli VL250T
Veli VL39QT
Veli VL50-A
Veli VL50-B
Veli VL50-C
Veli VL50-D
Veli VL50-E
Veli VL50Q-2
Veli VL50Q-3
Veli VL50Q-6 Mini
Veli VL50QGY
Veli VL50QGY-2
Veli VL50QPY
Veli VL50QT
Veli VL50QT-10
Veli VL50QT-2
Veli VL50QT-3
Veli VL50QT-5
Veli VL50QT-7
Veli VL50QT-8
Veli VL50QT-9
Veli VL70Q
Veli VL90-2
Veli VL90-5
Veli VL90-6
Veli VL90GY
Veli ZQ 125-6
Veli ZQ 150-8
Veli ZQ 200-15
Veli ZQ 90-2
Veli ZQ110-5
Veli ZQ125-8
Veli ZQ150-15
Veli ZQ90-6
Veli 125 T-2
Veli 150 T-3
Veli 250 T
Veli 50 QT
Veli 50 QT-2
Veli 50 QT-3
Veli King 50
Veli VL 110 GY
Veli VL 125 GY
Veli VL 150 GY
Veli VL 200 GY-3
Veli VL 50 Q
Veli VL 50 QGY-2
Veli VL 50 QPY
Veli VL 80 PY
Veli ZQ 100
Veli ZQ 110-9
Veli ZQ 125
Veli ZQ 125 III
Veli ZQ 125-11
Veli ZQ 125-2 IV Zongo
Veli ZQ 125-3
Veli ZQ 125-4
Veli ZQ 125-6
Veli ZQ 150-15
Veli ZQ 150-4
Veli ZQ 150-4 II
Veli ZQ 150-5
Veli ZQ 150-8
Veli ZQ 90

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